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About Scrotter

Scrotter is an app for Android written in Basic4Android that allows you to place your screenshots inside an image of a mobile device (such as a phone, tablet, or phablet) and then save your image for publishing.

The name "Scrotter" is a portmanteau: SCReenshOT framER.

About Google Play Usage

    Scrotter is available on Google Play™ for a price of $0.99. Note that Scrotter for Android IS free and open source; the $0.99 premium is to cover the cost of the Play Store licensing. Scrotter for Android's source may still be obtained and compiled for free, and thereby adheres to the GPLv2 license that it is released under. The only part of Scrotter for Android that is not public is the private key used to sign the official package for Play.

    Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Development & Contribution

Getting started

  • Clone Scrotter if you haven't already.
  • Switch to the "android" branch.
  • Locate the project folder on your local filesystem.
  • Add the files located in the ./Additional Libraries/ folder to your Basic4Android/Libraries/ folder.
  • Open the .b4a (Basic4Android) file in Basic4Android.


  • Feel free to compile locally. The standard Project > Compile & Run option in Basic4Android is used for compilation.
  • Before compiling, sure to change your build setting from Debug to Release, and set your key to the debug key in Tools > Private Sign Key.
  • After compiling, install the .apk file created at ./Objects/Scrotter.apk to your device.


  • Fork the project and make pull requests to the .b4a file, and the ./Files/ and ./Objects/ folders.

Issues & Suggestions

  • If you have suggestions or issue reports, please post them in the issues section, with an [ANDROID] prefix.
  • If you wish to request a new device, please see this page on doing so.